By: Christine Terrisse



“A Sweet ‘Start Over’ for Endearing Indie-pop Artist Melody Michalski


IMG_8791 2“IPAs always make me sneeze.” So says South Carolina bred, Los Angeles-based vocalist Melody Michalski as we settle into our barstools at Golden Road Brewery, not far from her 1920s-era studio apartment that she adores. “I’ve always wanted to try this place!” she chirps. This statement, along with other brew related revelations like “I actually like to drink beer in the afternoon in the shower. I know, super random, but true” testify to her quirky charm and hard-to-pigeonhole personality.

Melody is one part southern belle, two parts serious musician and all Mary Tyler Moore-esque “she’s going to make it after all” esprit. At twenty-five and with five years of surviving in L.A. to her name, she is kicking her music career into high gear. Her nights are spent writing, recording and performing like mad while giving private music lessons during the day. It’s all music all the time. And for Melody, whose name was chosen by her supportive, musician parents, that’s just heavenly.


If you had to put a label on your music how would you describe it?

Whiskey in a teacup. With a little honey.


What are some of your early influences?

I grew up in a Christian household so; I was only allowed to listen to Christian music. Crystal Lewis was one of my biggest influences. Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Yolanda Adams and all these gospel singers, that is what I grew up listening to. And then…I went to my first college [in South Carolina] and did art songs and opera, and musical theater and then I would do jazz gigs on the weekend.


Tell me about what you are currently working on.

A lot. I’m working on getting a Youtube channel up with covers you will not expect on there… I’m recording an EP… I just recently released a single…it’s called ‘Start Over’. I’m working on a music video for it right now…this was my baby for a month…I produced this song with someone [recording engineer Travis Ference] and it’s huge…I’m so excited.


In “Start Over” you pose the question “Is it such a sin to want to start all over, to know what could have been?” In what way do you feel the longing to start over is universal?

I think we all long for a sort of redemption in our lives and from mistakes we make… universally speaking, I don’t think we can always curate certain moments or relationships to be what they could be or what we think they should be. I don’t believe it’s our job. I think… those things which could have been great end up being things that teach you lessons and give you wisdom– for the moment or relationship that will happen in its right time.


Keep up with Melody on Facebook and Instagram. “Start Over” is available on iTunes