By: Shawndra Russell


Pancake Redos

Pancakes have always been a breakfast favorite, but lately the classic flapjack has been turned on its head with pancakes showing up as desserts and in savory dinners. Taco Bell has even jumped on the trend with their breakfast tacos. And while the waffle has been showing up on lunch and dinner menus paired with chicken for years, pancakes appear to be coming into their own as more than just a breakfast treat. Be prepared to look at pancakes in a whole new way.



Chicken & Pancake Tacos

Treylor Park, Savannah, Georgia

Three savory tacos big enough to split will give the best chicken and waffles you’ve had a run for their money. The hearty, lightly fried chicken fingers are topped with a jalapeno-strawberry salsa and honey-chili sauce and lovingly wrapped in fluffy yet sturdy pancakes.

Recommended Pairing: Service Brewing Company’s hoppier Compass Rose to emphasize the chili sauce and jalapeno in the salsa or their malt-focused Old Guard ale made with honey to bring out the dish’s sweeter sides.



Kimchi Pancakes

El Kimchi Food Truck Asheville, North Carolina

This food truck parks at local breweries most days, so of course their kimchi pancakes and Korean BBQ pair well with many local beers. These are lightly fried and topped with scallions and a spicy sauce. Definitely not your grandma’s Saturday morning pancakes.

Recommended Pairing: Asheville’s premier beer store, Bruisin’ Ales, recommends something “light and mildly hoppy, like Pisgah Brewing Pale.”



Hillbilly Tacos

Rancho Cucamonga, California

How does a little pulled pork on your pancake sound? Maybe a little weird at first, but these corrupted cornmeal pancakes also feature spicy coleslaw and their very own mustard-based Carolina BBQ sauce.

Recommended Pairing: Local brewery Rok House Brewing has a smoked porter that will bring out that slow-cooked flavor.



Pancake Tacos

LouVino, Louisville, Kentucky

These pancakes might not be quite as ‘out there’ as some of the others on our list, but they put Taco Bell’s attempt to shame by piling in bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and cheese into their pancake taco shell and serve it with a spiced maple dipping sauce. And although LouVino’s prides themselves on their wine menu, six taps and a dozen cans are available to pair with your brunch.

Recommended Pairing: If you want to go local, they have a rotating Falls City brew on tap—their flagship is the Falls City Pale Ale session that would pair well with just about anything—but to up the sweet quotient and skip the sweetened coffee, go for the Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan to bring out that maple sauce.


And for dessert…


Red Velvet Pancakes

The Loveless Café, Nashville, Tennessee

Imagine a single red velvet pancake with a small scoop of cream cheese. Now, these pancakes are stacked five high and slathered with a sweet cream cheese butter to hold everything together. ‘Nuff said.

Recommended Pairing: Nashville Beer Blog recommended Jackolope Brew’s Bearwalker, a brown ale brewed with maple syrup, or go for Tailgate Beer’s Peanut Butter Milk Stout. If that sounds like sweetness overload, don’t worry—you want your beer to be as sweet or even sweeter than the dessert you’re enjoying.