An Oktobeerfest Homebrewing Collaboration

About the Contest

You already know that you are a pretty great brewer!  Your friends and neighbors are always asking you for your homebrew.  Time for a family gathering, and you’re the guy who is told to bring the beer!  In your free time, you research beer recipes and plan out your brew schedule weeks in advance!  When you daydream, its about what beer you would make to serve in your own microbrewery!  Well here is your chance to have your homebrew offered at THE local brewpub, for you, your friends and the whole city to love!

So bust out that kettle and head to your local homebrew store because it is time to get brewing!

So Here’s What You Do

Buy your ingredients at you local homebrew shop, like our favorite Brewers Art Supply! Next, brew and bottle a 5 GALLON batch of beer with only the ingredients that are listed. If you add ingredients that are not found on the materials list, you could be disqualified from having your homebrew professionally brewed at Mad Anthony Brewing Company. You must keep very accurate records including hydrometer OG/FG as well as the types/amounts/times/temps/malt and hops. We will need that very detailed recipe if we are to duplicate it on a larger scale. This could be the most important beer you have ever brewed, so keep those notes detailed.

Entry Requirements

  •    Three bottles of the same beer must beer entered.

  •    Bottles must be clear of any labels.

  •    Only 1 ENTRY will be allowed per homebrewer.

  •    Only beer may be entered. No mead, cider or wine entries will be accepted.

  •    The beer must be homebrewed to enter. No entries brewed at commercial facilities will be accepted.

  •    Materials must be selected from the provided list to be eligible. Brewers MUST stick to the list of ingredients,using outside ingredients will   render their entry ineligible.

  •    NO extract brews will be brewed at MABC. All Madbrews are brewed will an all-grain process.

  •    You MUST be 21 to enter.

Drop-Off Information

Drop off will be from 8/10-8/22 at Mad Anthony’s BBQ concept Shigs in Pit Barbeque located at 2008 Fairfield Avenue Fort Wayne, IN 46802 during normal business hours. No entries will be accepted outside of this time window. Registration forms must accompany all entries and are available online at or in person atBrewers Art Supply. Come prepared entry forms may not be available at Shigs in Pit.

When dropping off your entry please let the cashier know that the entry is to be directed to Tiffany Pryor.

How Your Beer Will Be Judged

This is not a BJCP event. A local panel of industry professionals will prejudge all of the homebrews, that meet the entry requirements, based upon the initial 3 12oz bottle entries. The top ten homebrews from that round will then move on to the final judging that will take place at OKtoBEERfest. If you are a finalist you will be required to provide a FULL CASE of that great homebrew in 24 12oz bottles to be served at the OKtoBEERfest event. Finalists will receive free entry in to OKtoBEERfest. Final judging is People’s Choice; each festival attendee will be allowed one vote. Judging will run from 2-5 PM at the festival. The most popular homebrew will then be brewed with YOU commercially at Mad Anthony BrewingCompany at a future date! The Mad Anthony Brewer Challenge winner will be announced by the end of the festival. Again, finalists must be present to win.

The competition is open to any homebrewer from within Indiana. Entrants will be considered as an
Individual on the basis of the person’s name that appears on the registration form. Team beers are accepted, however, any person that is actively involved in the brewing process must be listed on your entry form. Only one entry is allowed per person and you must be present to win. Beers brewed in/or by a commercially licensed facility are ineligible.

Materials List

Amarillo – Cascade – Centennial – Chinook – Crystal
Warrior – Liberty – Challenger – Cluster – Kent Golding
Perle – Magnum – Nugget – Willamette – Mt. Hood

Any Briess Malt – Any Muntons Malt
Any Weyerman or Avangard German Malt

Lactose – Maltodextrine – Honey

Ginger – Cinnamon – Clove – Orange Peel
Coriander – Nutmeg – All Spice

All Commercially Sold Yeasts Welcome

We don’t just pour it, we brew it!

In need of great supplies for the Challenge? Be sure to check out Brewers Art Supply.

**For challenge rules & challenge form please go to Mad Anthony