By: Chad Davis


While many connoisseurs sample a fresh latte before judging the roaster, high quality taste is just part ofCrema - Latte the coffee house equation. Much like craft breweries, artisan coffee roasters are sprouting up left and right. The coffee scene is booming in metropolitan areas — such as Denver — where the rapid growth of ‘craft culture’ is raising the bar on the ole ‘cup of joe.’ Each artisan coffee house offers its own unique ambiance rich with style and culture. If you haven’t discovered your love for ‘fancy’ coffee yet, take a look at three of the best coffee shops in Mile High City.

Thump Coffee

The moment you step foot into Thump Coffee‘s Capital Hill Roastery your senses are bombarded with stimuli. A bold and enticing aroma hits your nostrils while your eyes admire the various industrial and wood fixtures elegantly fashioned inside. Thump keeps it local by contracting with local businesses and artists, such as Monolith Fabrication Studio, to create its inviting ambiance. The coffee house also hosts live musical artists to help get your energy flowing.

Sometimes too much coffee is a bad thing — so why not offset your caffeine intake with a beer flight? Thump taps a handful of craft beers from Colorado breweries, such as Avery, Blackberry and Great Divide, as well as Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon. Deschutes is included in this selection of handcrafted beer because it is Thump’s award-winning sister brewery with brew pubs in Bend and Portland. Be sure to check out Thump’s Roasting blog to learn more about its coffee production process.

Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub

Only certified organic and fair-trade coffee is brewed at Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub. Each freshly prepared espresso drink is crafted with the highest quality by knowledgeable baristas. Many locals frequent Rooster Rooster Moon - Building Sign& Moon due to its consistently high standards, fast service and friendly staff. The coffee pub is located off Bannock Street and 10th Avenue in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood.

Expertly crafted caffeinated beverages aren’t the only drinks served at Rooster & Moon. As its name suggests, the coffee pub offers an impressive selection of Colorado beer, wine and crafted cocktails. You can pair your handcrafted brews with live music on weeknights while admiring the monthly art installations by local artists. Rooster & Moon tenders an impressive food menu covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. The coffee pub also serves delicious handcrafted breakfast burritos from Mame’s Burritos — a popular burrito shop among Denver locals for 10 years.

Crema Coffee House

Located in the Five Points neighborhood, Crema Coffee House is a trendy spot known for its skillfully crafted lattes. According to the coffee house, ‘crema’ is “the lovely layer of thickly effervescent foam that defines well-crafted espresso.” The aroma of bold coffee is so prominent in the coffee house that it pleads for you to sample every espresso drink Crema prepares. Crema Coffee House also offers a wide selection of craft coffee from a variety of roasters, including Boxcar, Counter Culture, Dogwood, Handsome, Herkimer, Huckleberry, Intelligentsia, NOVO, Stumptown and Victrola.

While the business is only a few years old, Crema brings many visitors to the up-and-coming Five Points district. While the inside of Crema is esthetically pleasing — a modern mashup of industrial and vintage designs — you can also order your coffee from a window fashioned along the exterior of Crema’s charcoal black building. Crema’s handcrafted food menu offers some very innovative creations — such as the sweet potato waffle which delivers a delicious out-of-this-world flavor infusion.