By: Chad Davis


Marijuana isn’t just about “smoking dope.” Due to the recent legalization in some states, marijuana concentrates are emerging as one of the most popular stoner niches available. While creating concentrates at home can be dangerous, you can find a plethora of these marijuana products at dispensaries all over the nation. You can consume weed products infused with cannabinoids — such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — to experience more potent effects than you can by simply smoking a bowl of chronic. Many concentrates contain high levels of other cannabinoids which hold many potential health benefits. You can consume marijuana-infused concentrates through a variety of methods, including smoking, dabbing, vaporizing and oral.


The most natural marijuana concentrate requires the least amount effort to extract and Kiefcollect. Kief is the crystallized yellow powder found on the flowers — aka “buds” — of the cannabis plant. The powder offers the highest concentration of THC naturally produced by marijuana. You can collect kief by sifting your freshly ground weed through mesh or silk screens which are often included in herb grinders. Vaporizing and smoking are popular methods for kief consumption.


Shatter is considered to be one of the purest concentrates available. While shatter typically resembles amber glass, a variety of factors — such as consistency and texture — affect the end product. If shatter becomes more runny, it can be referred to as “sap.” To conserve your shatter, you can consume it by dabbing or vaporizing.


Many different types of hash are sold at marijuana dispensaries, including “bubble hash”, “jelly hash” and “pull-and-snap.” The most traditional form of hash is extracted using the resin glands of the cannabis flower — similar to sifting kief. Bubble hash, on the other hand, involves using ice water to separate the resin glands to create a higher quality hash concentrate.

Mixing hash oil with bubble hash or water hash results in a jelly-like substance stoners like to call “jelly hash.” Pull-and-snap, also known as “snap,” has a consistency somewhere between shatter and wax. Pull-and-snap hash is named for the snapping sound it makes when breaking apart from stretching. Dabs are the most efficient method for consuming hash; however, many recreational users smoke bowls mixed with both flower and hash.


Oil is becoming much more popular among artisan cannabis consumers as a BHOresult of the legalization of marijuana in some states. Vape pens with disposable or refillable cartridges of hash oil are commonly sold at both recreational and medicinal dispensaries alike. You can also consume most oils with dab rigs, hash nails or orally. Tinctures are often sold for medicinal patients to administer with liquid drops under the tongue. The extraction process is more complicated than that of other concentrates; Oil is the product of extracting cannabinoids from hash through a solvent such as alcohol or CO2. Oil tends to be very sticky and is sometimes referred to as “honey oil.”

Butane Hash Oil — or BHO — involves a butane extraction process and is highly potent with THC levels as high as 80%. CO2 oil uses carbon dioxide and pressurized botanical extractors to procure the concentrate. CO2 oil is trending among those using vape pens as it involves one of the most efficient and safest extraction methods currently known. While isopropyl oil doesn’t reach the same potency as other extraction processes, extracting the oil with isopropyl oil is considered to be much safer than butane. If you’re looking for something more artisanal, nectar — aka nug run — is an oil extracted using only the highest quality nugs rather than smaller “popcorn” buds or shake.


Wax is commonly sprinkled on top of bowls of marijuana flower to consume by smoking. Wax is a very potent concentrate typically extracted through BHO. The process often involves whipping oils extracted from heated hash — resulting in flaky “earwax.” Ice wax is known for melting easily when heated and is best consumed by dabbing or vaping. To procure ice wax, the cannabis is cooled with ice to initiate a water-based extraction of THC.


A wide variety of edibles are available in marijuana dispensaries all over the Cannabis ButterUnited States. You can find everything from suckers and chocolate bars to energy drinks and trail mix loaded with THC. Edibles are created using various forms of the cannabinoid extraction process discussed above. Oil and butter are common solvents in the extraction process for edible creation. Many do-it-yourself stoners cook with “cannabis butter” which is typically extracted by heating ground weed with butter on the stove.

The rapid adoption of concentrates in the United States is paving the path towards the new frontier of marijuana. Hopefully in the near future you can purchase concentrate refills for your vape pens at every gas station in the U.S.