By: Chad Davis



If you enjoy beer with steadfast flavors that leave your mouth watering for another glass, then Mockery Brewing Company‘s wide selection of handcrafted beer is the place to be. Mockery is a new craft brewery 8202 (1)joining the ‘brewery-boom’ that is exploding all over Denver’s River North Arts District — known as RiNo. While Mockery is among dozens of new breweries opening all over Mile High City, many of which are concentrated in RiNo, just one visit and a few glasses of Mockery’s bold tasting beer was enough to get me hooked.

Each of the 11 beers tendered at Mockery Brewing Co. delivers its own distinct taste enriched with bold flavor through a high quality brewing process. Despite its name, Mockery proclaims that “the only thing we take seriously is beer.” Rather than following strict brewing guidelines and rules, each drink offers a distinctive taste that fellow craft beer lovers enjoy most. Mockery’s website jokingly mocks historic German Purity Law of 1516 which restricted brewing of beer to only three ingredients — barley, hops and water.

I asked the owner and mastermind behind Mockery Brewing Co., Zach Rabun, for a particular beer that he thinks best embodies their craft style. “Our Farmhouse Ale brewed with Rooibos Tea or the Salted Scotch 7854 (1)are great examples of the types of beers you can find at Mockery.” After sampling many of the beers at Mockery, my personal favorite is hands-down the Salted Scotch. The Farmhouse Ale may be an excellent choice for a hot summer day; however, the Salted Scotch Ale contains sea salt and golden promise malt giving it a rather enticing flavor.

While Denver’s population is rapidly growing with new residents from out-of-state, Mockery is family owned by Colorado natives making it a truly local craft brewery. Zach first started his brewing career working for Coors Brewing Company before becoming Head Brewer at Elk Mountain Brewing. Zach and his crew created a stellar tap room with a fairly large beer garden. In addition to brewing exceptional beer, Mockery Brewing Co. partners with local restaurants, food trucks and artists to strengthen the local community in Denver’s RiNo district.