By: Vince Pecoraro



Summer has once again arrived and with it has come a new line of summer seasonal beers to help you kick back on a hot day. To celebrate the changing of the season, here’s a list of some of my favorite summer staple beers and seasonal releases.


Allagash’s White Ale (5% ABV)

Fairly sweet with little to no bitterness, this unfiltered take on the Belgian wheat beer has a medium body with heavy notes of coriander and orange peel. This brew is dangerously easy to drink and pairs well with seafood. Next time you’re thinking about buying a six-pack of Blue Moon, consider this beer instead.


Anchor’s California Lager (4.9% ABV)

A creamy, pale lager with a sweet taste, this beer is a perfect go-to brew any time you’re drinking outside. Reminiscent of a German pilsner at first, this lager takes on its own character as the taste of California hops trickles down your throat for a refreshing finish.


Ballast Point’s Grapefruit Sculpin (7% ABV)

This IPA is a spinoff of Ballast Point’s award-winning Sculpin, which also has a habanero version. While all three qualify as top-notch beers, this grapefruit ale has a sharp tart freshness accompanied by dry, malty finish that’s every hophead’s dream on a hot summer’s day. Pairs well with spicy foods.


Bell’s Oberon Ale (5.8% ABV)

A powerhouse of a pale wheat beer, this ale is sweeter and has a larger body than most summer wheats with hints of orange peel. The right balance of hops and spices helps this beer goes down smooth without drying your mouth out. Pairs well with fruit or a citrusy salad.


Firestone Walker’s Pivo Pils (5.3% ABV)

This incarnation of a light-bodied German pilsner grasps the classic European taste on first sip, but ends with a hoppy twist. Tasting of malts and biscuits at first, this beer comes into its own with a sharp hop bite as it clings to your palate. Best enjoyed with barbecue.


Flying Dog’s Supertramp (4.6% ABV)

Sours have been all the rage in the craft world this year, and this tart cherry ale proves that they can be both tasty and refreshing. The cherry flavor goes down crisp, washes over your palate with a sour kick, and soothes you over with a malty finish. Best enjoyed under the beating sun.


Sierra Nevada’s Kellerweis (4.8% ABV)

This traditional Bavarian-style wheat beer has a sweet, doughy flavor reminiscent of banana bread with hints of clove and lemongrass. Brewed in an open fermentation setup, this unique brew packs a lot of flavor into your glass and leaves a lingering tang on your lips after each sip.


Stone’s Delicious IPA (7.7% ABV)

While Stone is traditionally known for its hard, heavy-hitting IPAs, their latest brew offers a delicate balance of hops and citrus that makes this beer surprisingly (and dangerously) refreshing on a hot day. Made from Lemondrop and El Dorado hops, this brew has sweet, floral undertones and bitter finish that delivers a beer that lives up to its name.


Two Roads’ Road Jam (5% ABV)

Pouring out a thick ruby color, this raspberry wheat ale looks and smells deceivingly sweet. Fermented with red and black raspberries, this fruit beer goes down surprisingly tart and dry with a hint of fresh lemongrass. This beer is reminiscent of a Belgian Lambic and is perfect for relaxing in the shade.


Victory’s Summer Love (5.2% ABV)

Powered by German malts and floral, fruity undertones, this light-bodied golden ale tastes crisp with a twist of pine and citrus that will bring you back for another sip each time. This ale goes down smooth on its own or pairs well with pizza or salad.