New Gadgets Available for the Smoking Connoisseur


Helix Multi Pipe – $130

The Helix Multi by Grav Labs has everything the smoking connoisseur looks for in a pipe: multifaceted functionality, superior design, and lab-quality glass.

Its funnel-shaped chamber and micro holes in the shoulder cause smoke to swirl around the body, cooling it before it reaches your mouth and delivering a clean hit each time.

The pipe is actually a “3-in-1” design, and it can be configured for use as a bubbler, spoon pipe, or a one-hitter. Sold with three interchangeable heads, this piece is a must for any smoker who wants the freedom to use a variety of pipes but doesn’t want to invest in more than one.


Magic Flight Launch Box – $119

At under three inches long, the Magic Flight Launch Box doesn’t look like much, but this little vaporizer packs a punch and is touted as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market.

Known for its unique design, stealth capabilities, and lifetime warranty, this vaporizer is perfect for travel and discretion. Using rechargeable batteries, the launch box heats up in just seconds, doesn’t produce an odor, and makes your herb go a long way. As little as a tenth of a gram will be enough for each smoke session.

While it requires some practice to master technique, it pays off quickly and will soon become your go-to piece for when you’re on the road.


Volcano Vaporizer – $479

If vaporizers were cars, the Volcano would be a Maserati or Alfa Romeo. With top-notch vapor quality and a cleaner-than-air taste, these bad boys are known to sneak up on even the most seasoned stoners and put them flat on their backs.

The product of German engineering, the Volcano is known as one of the most efficient and durable vaporizer on the market. It’s easy to clean and comes with self-sealing bags; you don’t lose any vapor and bags can be set aside for later use when you’re done. That last bit is extremely helpful, as you probably won’t be able to finish a whole bag on your own.


ROOR Icemaster – $290

What makes the Icemaster differ from your average piece of glassware is its lab-quality glass and superior design. Constructed with a pronged ice catcher at the bottom of a single chamber, this bong allows you to get a cool, smooth rip of milky white smoke each time.

Ice bongs are great because they don’t require ice to use, but the option is a definite perk. The Icemaster’s straightforward design makes it easy to clean, user-friendly, and unintimidating. Prices vary by size, with smaller ones starting in the $200 range.


Red Eye A’maze’d Pipes – $40

Portable and discreet, the A’maze’d pipe looks like a chapstick tube, but this aluminum pipe has a chamber with a maze over a foot long that smoke travels through first before it gets to you.

This gives the smoke a chance to cool as well as filter out tar and debris that would end up in your lungs otherwise. English-made, this piece is surprisingly easy to clean for its intricate design and works well as an on-the-go piece or for everyday home use.


Dank Tank – $75

Vaporizer pens have been all the rage lately, making the Dank Tank and other THC cartridges the future of smoking.

Not only is the Dank Tank easy to use, as it screws on to nearly all varieties of e-cigarettes, but it is probably the most discreet way of vaping. It doesn’t produce a smell and looks like any other e-cigarette cartridge.

A one-gram cartridge contains top-shelf THC extract and will last you about 100 hits.