We receive many inquiries from writers who want to be a part of the Jollity Magazine writing team, and we sincerely appreciate your interest.


Our process includes a couple of steps. Of course we want you to send us your credentials and writing samples. In addition, we invite you to an interview by trial, of sorts. What the heck does this mean? Simply this . . .


We ask that you please submit an original 300-400 word article that specifically addresses our magazine’s content category: The Craft Culture. You develop the idea, angle, and writing. Here is your opportunity to tell us about something interesting.


EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION TO: creative@contourmediallc.com


Ideally, we are looking for writers who:

  1. Speak to the craft beer, craft spirits, and artisanal marijuana culture and lifestyle.
  2. Are excited to be a part of this type of magazine.
  3. Are self-starters that will dive into writing about all things craft without apprehension.


Jollity Magazine writers must present intelligent, provocative, witty, and edgy (cursing is acceptable in moderation only if it enhances the overall characteristic of the piece) articles on varying topics. Imagine this: the Editors of Rolling StoneTravel and Leisure, and The New Yorker walk into a craft brewery/distillery/or dispensary, collaborate on style and strength, then create a new magazine, and enlist Anthony Bourdain as Creative Director. What you get is Jollity Magazine.


Your ability to convey a specific angle and to maintain a consistent voice throughout the piece are important considerations in our review process. The piece should also reflect an experiential element in the overall tone and style and must use active voice 95-100% of the time.


If your article fits the culture and style we seek to achieve in the magazine, we will contact you directly about: publishing the piece, compensation, and future assignments.


You are welcome to reply with questions, however general or content questions will not be entertained, so take this opportunity to show us what you can, so Write On!


EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSION TO: creative@contourmediallc.com