Jollity Magazine Inc.’s mission is to be the premier consumer lifestyle magazine
and media resource for craft beer, spirits and artisanal marijuana. We aim to bring
interesting and engaging content to the community of craft enthusiasts using visually
stimulating photography and images, as well as thought provoking stories and
information that they not only find appealing, but also intellectually challenging and
playfully entertaining. JM, Inc. creates “a state of mind to tap into” while equipping its
subscribers, followers, fans and friends to exercise our motto “Happy is Your Right!”

At Jollity Magazine Inc. we are dedicated to striving towards excellence in
reaching national and international audiences with our niche publication in print, digital
and online formats. We recognize the strength of integrating media to publish content
without compromising the quality of our message and the Jollity brand. We strongly
believe that print media is still a viable resource for information, and that when it is
strategically partnered with digital, broadcast and other forms of media it will powerfully
engage the extremely loyal craft culture market. We intend to use our dedication to
excellence and success to pave the way for future niche publications, and to inspire others
to break new ground.

Core Values:

• Integrity
o In both the quality of our product and in the process and practices
we use to create it. JM, Inc. integrity is the culmination of hardwork,
dedication and perseverance.

• Enthusiasm
o Why do anything if you aren’t enjoying it? At JM, Inc. we not only
enjoy the creative process for producing our product, we live for it!
We are crazy craft culture chasers who love the lifestyle, and the
entrepreneurial mind-set, and most of all: the buzz.

• Encouragement
o Happy is your right! We live by those words at Jollity Magazine
Inc. and encourage others to exercise that right as well. Happiness
for us is found in building strong relationships with subscribers,
advertisers, promotional partners, and business collaborators to
help the public find their craft culture passion.

• Sentiment
o As a start-up entrepreneurial business, Jollity Magazine Inc. is
founded in the concrete history of craft beer, spirits and artisanal
marijuana. In our very own DNA is the passion associated with the
days of Prohibition, the drive of the pioneers, and the spark of
modern innovators.